James Cameron: BP Oil Spill Is Just Like 'Avatar'

Director James Cameron is re-releasing his mega-blockbuster 'Avatar' with 9 additional minutes of footage for all the Pandora fans out there. In an interview with The Daily News, the director pointed out the real-life parallels to the still unfolding gulf oil spill disaster.

"The BP mess is a classic example of how our energy policies, or lack thereof, are going to hurt us," Cameron recently told the Daily News. A symptom of the same corporate greed that drove the fictional RDA Corporation to pillage the planet Pandora in the film, he said.

Cameron has been in the public eye for his oil spill work and comments throughout the summer. An expert on deep-sea robotics and underwater filming from his work on Titanic, Cameron convened a panel of scientists and government officials to come up with a solution for the gusher in June.

He later slammed BP as being 'morons' for their failure to cap the well and for their unwillingness to take his panels' advice.

The Daily News interview points out that after ignoring Cameron's findings, the company adopted a nearly identical method 2 months later.

Cameron hopes that as viewers go to see the re-released Avatar they will think about the state of the environment, which he feels is worse off than anything he dreamed up in the film, The Terminator.

To read the full interview on The Daily News, go here.