James Campbell Dies After Dog Jumps Into Car, Pushes On Accelerator, Runs Him Over

Dog Runs Over Owner With Car
boxer dog portrait on a black...
boxer dog portrait on a black...

A Florida man passed away after his dog jumped into a vehicle, pushed down on the accelerator and ran him over.

James Campbell, 68, was sitting in the passenger's side of a van Monday afternoon while his wife, 56-year-old Iris Fortner, was behind the wheel, according to the Associated Press.

As Fortner backed the car into the driveway of the couple's Cantonment home, Campbell stepped out to open a gate so that the vehicle could get in. His wife opened the car door to see where Campbell was standing, when the couple's pet, a large Boxer bull dog, jumped into the car and onto the accelerator.

Fortner was unable to stop the van before it backed over her husband.

Campbell was pronounced dead at the scene, the Pensacola News Journal reported, while Fortner suffered minor injuries.

Fortner is not facing charges.

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