James And Colleen Pinegar, Hospitalized Senior Man And Wife, Sing 'You Are My Sunshine,' Bring Tears To Internet's Eyes

Video of an 86-year-old Utah couple singing a classic song shows what true love looks like.

"Come up a little closer," James Pinegar says to his wife, Colleen, reaching for her hand from his hospital bed. "This is special to me."

What follows is a touching rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" that brings tears to the couple's eyes, as they continue to sing despite the emotion rising in their voices. Married for 66 years, the couple sings "You Are My Sunshine" to the very end, seeing the entire song through.

The Pinegars' daughter, Linda Whitaker, posted the video on YouTube in February and the beautiful testament to love now has more than 200,000 views and 700 comments. Whitaker, 60, told the Huffington Post the story behind the video in an email.

"That song is their theme song and they have sung it together over the years," she explained. "They are an amazing couple. She didn't leave his side for the three months he was in the hopsital. He really thought at this time that he was going to die."

Whitaker's father was hospitalized after an act of neighborliness unfortunately backfired: While helping a 90-year-old neighbor who had fallen on the ice, James fell as well. The fall led to hip replacement surgery, "and then while in the hospital he got a blood infection. This has been a process. He is feeling better but at 86 it has taken a toll," Whitaker wrote.

Besides seeing the love he and his wife share, the YouTube video has an added bonus for the couple: "They have had fun sharing it with people and have loved the responses," Whitaker wrote.

As the person at the end of Whitaker's video so succinctly put it: "Now I need a tissue."

"You Are My Sunshine" is a known comforter -- last month teachers kept students safe and calm during the Moore, Oklahoma tornado by moving them to the bathroom and singing the song during the storm.

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