Former FBI Director James Comey Is Writing A Book

Like his thrilling Senate testimony, the book promises to "share yet-unheard anecdotes" from his career.

Remember when we all realized former FBI Director James Comey might just be the next great political thriller author, thanks to his exquisitely written testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee?

Good news: The gifted writer finally has a book deal.

According to Bloomberg News, Flatiron Books has inked a deal with Comey for a reported figure of over $2 million. Sadly, the book, which is slated for spring, will not be a spy novel packed with intrigue and presidential malfeasance, but a nonfiction account of his career in government.

That doesn’t mean it won’t have any thrills, however.

Flatiron’s publisher and president Bob Miller said in a statement, that the master of shocking White House anecdotes will “share yet-unheard anecdotes from his long and distinguished career.” Drawing on his years serving various U.S. presidents, Miller stated, “Director Comey will give us unprecedented entry into the corridors of power, and a remarkable lesson in leadership itself.”

The news of the book deal comes a day after the Senate confirmation of his successor at the FBI, Christopher Wray. President Donald Trump nominated Wray, who served as assistant attorney general under President George W. Bush, following his abrupt and ignominious dismissal of Comey in May. The firing came amid an FBI investigation into possible collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government.

Although Comey had taken heat from both sides of the aisle, thanks in part to his decision to publicly comment on investigations into Hillary Clinton’s emails during her presidential candidacy, his firing was met with bipartisan consternation. Later revelations only exacerbated the uproar, as Trump told a Russian ambassador that the Comey firing was intended to ease pressure on the administration related to the investigation. Comey’s Senate testimony, in which he revealed that the president asked him for his loyalty prior to his dismissal, seemed to corroborate this narrative.

It’s a testament to the wild news cycle driven by the Trump administration that Comey’s explosive testimony, delivered in June, quickly faded from the headlines. But his book deal suggests there’s more to say ― and that he’s interested in saying it. 



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