Celebrities Have A Lot Of Opinions On James Comey's Testimony

And they're sharing them on Twitter.

Former FBI Director James Comey is currently testifying in front of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Given that the testimony is airing on major television networks, live-streaming on many websites and playing in various bars across the country ― there’s a good chance you’re watching.

Many celebrities are watching as well, and have a lot of opinions. Read some of the notable tweets below: 


Lorde knows you’re probably multi-tasking at work to watch this thing.


Lily Allen shares her conspiracy theory about the Russians. 


This hashtag by Alyssa Milano gets to the point.


Mike Birbiglia just wants to know who’s telling the truth.


Kevin Smith compares James Comey to Don Draper from “Mad Men.” 


Chris Evans wants a new T-shirt.


John Cusack thinks Comey acts more presidential than Trump ever has. 


Also ...


Joshua Malina (”The West Wing,” “Scandal”) on Comey’s firing.


Paul F. Tompkins responds to Trump’s son.


Billy Eichner on Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).


Cusack wants that sweet “impeach.”


George Takei speaks for “literally all of us.”


Andy Daly on how this testimony is fun for the whole family.


Cusack ― seriously, impeach.


Comey ― knock, knock ― who’s there ― IMPEACH. 


Cusack ― but really this time, what if we impeached this Trump guy.


Rosie O’Donnell expressed frustration.


Nick Thune mocked the Republican questions.


Someone suggested an impeachment.


Mandy Moore thought this hearing was, “utterly fascinating.”


John Legend had the closing thought you probably had as well.