James Comey, FBI Director, Gives New Details On Navy Yard Shooting

FBI Director James Comey provided new details on Monday's shooting at Washington Navy Yard that left 13 people dead.

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Comey said suspected shooter Aaron Alexis entered Building 197 carrying a bag and went to a fourth floor bathroom. He emerged from the bathroom with a Remington 870 shotgun that was cut down on both ends and started firing almost immediately with no discernible pattern.

"He was wandering the halls and hunting people to shoot," Comey said.

Alexis had additional ammunition in a cargo pocket on his pants, but eventually ran out and began using a gun that he had taken from a base security guard. Comey said it appears Alexis was moving without direction or purpose, and it did not appear that he was looking for particular individuals.

Comey also said there is no indication at this time that the shooting had any connection to terrorism, and there are no signs Alexis worked with anyone else.

Navy Yard Shooting