James Cooper's Underwater Wonderlands (PHOTOS)

Mysteries Of The Deep

We know it can sting to open your eyes underwater, but these gorgeous photos make us think the pain might be worth it. James Cooper is an artist from Bermuda who works with photography, sculpture and performance.

These images were taken in Bermuda, the Bahamas and Mexico, but they might have well been taken in an alternate universe. A bloody nose, a tuft of kicked-up dust and a trail of spray paint make beautiful and bizarre clouds under the sea. Bodies float in an ethereal trance-like state, part pool party and part deep meditation. The images remind of us an ultra-modern play on John Everett Millais' "Ophelia", where the natural and the supernatural become one.

The photographs capture a giddy faux-science, exposing the effects of creatures and chemicals in new environments without probing for answers. Amateur observation replaces rigid experimentation, but the results are incredible.

Check out these stunning photographs and let us know if they float your boat.

James Cooper

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