'Cats' Star James Corden On The Film: 'I've Heard It's Terrible'

"The Late Late Show" host plays Bustopher Jones in the maligned film version of the famous stage musical.

James Corden didn’t turn tail on the bad reviews for his new movie “Cats.”

The film version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical has been deemed a “cat-tastrophe” by some outlets. HuffPost called it a “growling nightmare.” Corden plays Bustopher Jones in the movie.

“I’ve heard it’s terrible,” Corden said on Zoe Ball’s BBC 2 radio show Monday.

Corden, host of “The Late Late Show,” said he had yet to see the film. “I’ll catch it one day, I imagine,” he said.

To which Ball replied, “We’ll let you know what it’s like, James.”

Corden was a guest on the broadcast to tout his “Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special” ― but the movie had to come up at some point.

“Has anyone seen ‘Cats’?” Ball asked to laughter, raising the subject.

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