James Corden's Crosswalk 'Les Miserables' In Paris Is Revolutionary

The "Late Late Show" host really got into his role as the doomed Fantine.

Let no one question James Corden’s commitment to his craft. Mounting a “Crosswalk the Musical” version of “Les Miserables” ― in Paris, no less ― for “The Late Late Show” Wednesday, the host took on the role of the tragic prostitute Fantine.

He brilliantly sang “I Dreamed a Dream” and stopped traffic in the hair-chopping scene.

The man is a true thespian who must be the character. So he also engaged in Fantine’s trade, soliciting commuters at a Paris subway entrance.

What an artist.

Watch “Les Miserables” above and say oui to a production bold enough to replace swords with baguettes.