James Corden Delivers Powerful, Heartfelt Message On The Tragedy In Barcelona

The late-night host urged people not to become numb.

On Thursday evening, James Corden had to address a world tragedy yet again.

The late-night host opened his show with a powerful message about the Barcelona terror attack earlier that day, which left at least 13 dead and more than 100 injured.

Corden has taken it upon himself to address similar events before, speaking out about the Manchester attack in May and the London Bridge attack in June. But in his most recent message, he urged people not to become numb to the violence.

“It saddens me that once again I need to start our program talking about another appalling tragedy in the world,” Corden said. “When we hear about London or Paris, Stockholm and now Barcelona, you could almost start to become numb to it, like this is something becoming normal and we don’t need to talk about it here on our show.”

He continued, “But we think we mustn’t allow it to become something that’s normal. We must talk about it so that we will remember how sad, horrific and tragic these moments are.”

Around the time of the attack on London Bridge, Corden filmed his show from London, vowing to lift spirits and show off all that he loved about Britain with the “silliest” episodes he had ever done.

Similarly, on Thursday, Corden ended his message by sending love to those in Spain on an “unimaginable day of horror” and by promising again to bring “a bit of light and levity to the end of your day in a world where it is becoming often too hard to find.”

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