James Corden Reveals He Once Spanked Donald Trump's Ass

"He bent over, I was spanking him."

James Corden says he once gave President Donald Trump a bit of a spanking. Literally.

On Tuesday, the “Late Late Show” host recounted to his guests Kerry Washington and Alec Baldwin how he smacked the current president’s derrière during a play he was performing in New York City in 2012.

“There used to be a part of the play and I’d bring someone up on stage, and I brought him up to move some set,” Corden told the actors. “I was spanking his ass, he bent over, I was spanking him.”

Corden also revealed that following Trump’s impromptu performance, the-then reality TV personality walked off into the wings and greeted everyone with handshakes.

The display was enough for Corden’s stage manager to suggest that Trump “thought he was the president of the United States.”

Corden’s revelation prompted Baldwin, who’s portrayed Trump on “Saturday Night Live” to great effect in recent months, to reveal he thought the president would loosen up a little following his election win.

“He used to be very playful and funny. I don’t know what’s with him now,” Baldwin said.

“When he won, I thought he’d relax and be more generous and it seems like he won but he acts like he lost. He’s very bitter now.” 

While Corden did not name the play he was starring in when he spanked Trump, it was likely to be the Broadway hit “One Man, Two Guvnors” in which he starred in 2012 and for which he won a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play.

Check out the full clip above.