James Corden Equates Trump's Mask Removal Stunt To A Fast-Food Moment

"The Late Late Show" host had a theory about the president's deep breath after the unveiling.

Talk show host James Corden wasn’t having President Donald Trump’s theatrical mask removal at the White House on Monday. (Watch the monologue below.)

The president, still very much contagious days after a hospitalization for COVID-19 treatment, ceremoniously took off his face covering for the cameras after arriving home. The stunt has been condemned by health experts as irresponsible. Corden’s reaction was no different ― just funnier.

After showing a clip of the gesture that included the president taking a deep breath, “The Late Late Show” comedian cracked: “It does look like the drama of the moment really took Trump’s breath away. Well, that’s probably the coronavirus.”

Then he zeroed in on the ridiculousness.

“The first thing he did after being in the hospital for four days with a highly contagious virus was to take his mask off,” Corden said. “That’s like swinging through a Carl’s Jr. on your way home from a triple bypass.”

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