James Corden Knows How To Make Donald Trump Face His Own Words

This is how everyone should interview the president.

Carpool Karaoke” is all about allowing artists to embrace words they’ve sung before. (And George Clooney singing “Hollaback Girl.”)

At Los Angeles’ PaleyFest on Wednesday, James Corden revealed that ― should he ever have the chance ― his interview plans for Donald Trump would be pretty much the same.

The “Late Late Show” host broached the subject after defending Jimmy Fallon against all the flak he took for the Trump hair-tousling incident heard ‘round the world, according to Entertainment Weekly. Corden said the backlash Fallon received for the segment was “really unfair.”

“I don’t think anyone asked him the right questions,” he added.

So how do you ask the right questions? Corden has a plan.

Donald Trump faces the music...ally inclined James Corden.
Donald Trump faces the music...ally inclined James Corden.

The “Late Late Show” host explained how he would challenge Trump to face his own statements. Corden revealed a game that his show had planned for the president, and as George Clooney ― quoting Gwen Stefani ― might say, “This shit is bananas.”

The game I wanted to play if he came on the show was called “Stand By It or Take It Back.” I would read Donald Trump things that he had said on the campaign trail. I would say, [he’d] have two paddles, you can stand by it or take it back. If you take it back, you take it back forever. If you stand by it, you’ve got to tell me why, and I felt like that was such a good game.

Corden’s game simply requires Trump to address the same words he’s already said. So when the president tweets about “wiretapping,” but really means something completely different, we might actually understand him. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Trump didn’t stop by the “Late Late Show” during his campaign, however, and there’s no sign he might appear on Corden’s show in the near future. So anyone with plans to interview the president should take notes.



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