James Corden Delivers Heartfelt Tribute To 'Carpool Karaoke' Inspiration George Michael

"I feel like I've loved George Michael as long as I've loved music."

James Corden won’t let the sun go down on George Michael.

To start 2017, the “Late Late Show” host offered a heartfelt tribute to the singer who died at the end of 2016

“I feel like I’ve loved George Michael as long as I’ve kind of loved music,” Corden said.

He added, “I can remember so many specific times in my life where I might’ve felt on my own, and George’s music would feel like you just ― would feel like you would listen to a song, and he would reach his hand out and tell you that you weren’t on your own, and that these feelings were not particular to you.”

Corden told the story of how Michael inspired his hit segment “Carpool Karaoke” by starring with him in another similar segment for Red Nose Day, a charity fundraising event. Corden recalls how the first artist who agreed to do “Carpool Karaoke” was Mariah Carey (New Year’s Eve snafus aside), and she only did so because of Michael.

“If it’s good enough for George, then it’s good enough for me,” said Carey. And the rest is internet history ... 

Here’s to you, George.



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