James Corden Visits Joe Biden And Makes Himself A Little Too Much At Home

The talk show host did some redecorating that the president didn't really appreciate.

The Oval Office will never be the same. (Watch the video below.)

James Corden visited President Joe Biden at work in a preview Monday of a longer segment to come.

“The Late Late Show” host made an auspicious entrance by delivering an edible arrangement to the commander in chief. “This is both a snack and a gift,” he told the president, who didn’t seem thrilled.

Corden then tried to add a few of his own touches to the place, covering a bust of Harry Truman with a photo of him and Harry Styles.

Biden, playfully summoning a curmudgeonly side, appeared to veto the idea.

“You’re covering up Harry Truman,” he groused.

“Well, cover one Harry with another Harry,” Corden replied. “That’s what I’m saying. I just think it brightens the place up, ya know.”

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