James Corden Inserts Himself Into Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ Video For Most Awkward Workout Ever

There is a lot of body oil involved. But not on him.

During “The Late Late Show” Monday night, James Corden spoofed Kanye West’s “Fade” video, which premiered the night before at the MTV Video Music Awards. (In case you missed it, the video features a sports-bra-and-thong-wearing Teyana Taylor dancing around the gym, “Flashdance”-style.)

As he’s wont to do, Corden placed himself in the video for the sake of comedy. And, well, it was worth it. In the clip, the late-night host tries to mind his own business while doing some bicep curls, but he’s too distracted by Taylor’s dance moves. 

“Do you mind?” he asks her, of course receiving no response. “It’s sort of a public gym. We all have to work out in the same [place].”

When he realizes Taylor just won’t quit, he asks her to at least “dial it down” a bit, again with no response. He even gets sprayed with a mixture of her body oil and sweat. 

“It feels like you’re ramping up, if anything,” he says. “It feels like you’ve ramped up.” 

Corden’s breaking point comes at the end, once Taylor morphs into a human-cat hybrid surrounded by sheep.

“Guys, it could not be clearer. Read the sign, OK? A lot of us only joined this gym because of its zero-sheep policy,” he says. “Cat-face is fine, but these have got to go.” 

Watch the whole video above. 



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