James Corden Reveals The Best Life Advice He Got From Cher

"The Late Late Show" host shared the singer's wisdom with Melissa McCarthy and Nicole Kidman.

After actor Melissa McCarthy shared some advice she’d written to her future self on “The Late Late Show” Wednesday, she and her “9 Perfect Strangers” costar Nicole Kidman asked host James Corden to contribute his own.

Corden didn’t hesitate: Do as Cher would do, he said, because she has the “best advice.”

“She’s got this great thing where she says, if you’re in a spin or really angry and stressed about something, ask yourself: Does this matter in a year’s time? And if it doesn’t matter in a year, it doesn’t matter. And if you think it will matter in a year, then it matters,” he recounted.

We’re happy that Corden has found tranquility through the “Believe” singer, but he might have gotten her advice slightly wrong. In a 2018 interview with talk show host Graham Norton, Cher spoke of a tip she received from her mother: “If it doesn’t matter in five years, it doesn’t matter.”

Eh, what’s a few years’ difference?

Watch the video below. (Fast-forward to the 5:52 mark for the Cher segment.)

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