Watch The On-Set Accident That Made James Corden Lose It On 'The Late Late Show'

It involved Reggie Watts, torn jeans and a salad.

James Corden couldn’t contain himself Thursday after “The Late Late Show” band leader Reggie Watts accidentally knocked over his salad ― and egregiously violated the 5-second rule by eating some off the stage floor. (Watch the video below.)

The mishap was set into motion by host Corden throwing a marker to Watts to draw on the exposed knee of keyboardist Steve Scalfatti, who wore torn jeans.

Only Watts dropped the marker, tried to retrieve it, and bumped the bowl to the ground. Watts tossed aside a chair that stood in the way while Corden busted a gut. The musician playfully kneeled and prayed over his fallen salad and gathered it back into the bowl before trying it. “It tastes the same,” he said.

“I imagine we clean those floors pretty regularly,” Corden said dubiously.

Fast forward to 2:42 for the whole “oops” moment.

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