James Corden Mocks Sean Hannity's 'Despacito' Pronunciation

"The Late Late Show" host ridiculed the Trump-loving Fox News personality for his attempted diss of Joe Biden.

James Corden had lots of current events to choose from for his monologue Thursday ― but he went after Sean Hannity’s Spanish pronunciation first. (See the video below.)

“The Late Late Show” host played a clip in which the Fox News personality accused Biden of pandering to Latinos by playing “Despacito” on his cellphone at a recent Hispanic heritage event in Florida. (Biden played the song after he was introduced by “Despacito” singer Luis Fonsi.)

Corden noticed something “slightly off” about the way Hannity said “Despacito.”

“He sounds like my dad ordering at a Mexican restaurant,” Corden said.

The comedian’s British father Malcolm is a charming fellow whom Corden has featured in Super Bowl segments over the years.

But apparently his Spanish isn’t so great.

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