James Corden Is The 'Star Wars' Penis Designer You Never Knew Existed

Wait until you hear the anecdote about George Lucas and Watto's honker.

In his imagination far, far away, James Corden became the penis designer for the “Star Wars” franchise. (Watch the video below.)

And because he hosts CBS’ “The Late Late Show,” he had a comedy segment Monday to work out his flight of fancy.

Corden’s Freddie Goldsack character says he has been on the job for more than 40 years and appears to have the ear of George Lucas.

But the “Star Wars” creator is quite particular when it comes to the sensitive features of his creatures, Goldsack notes — like the time he rejected a design for the alien Watto’s penis. “It was a disaster,” Lucas says in a spliced-in clip.

“But then he ended up using it for Watto’s nose,” Goldsack adds. “That’s why George is a genius.”

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