James Corden Steals Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets.' Wait. What?

Corden owes "Thank You Notes" to his fellow late night hosts.

James Corden may get some “Mean Tweets” of his own after this.

Now that “The Late Late Show” has returned to a studio, Corden was excited to unveil some fresh ideas on Tuesday. Unfortunately, he discovered that the “new material” from writer Nate Fernald was copied from some of the most popular bits in late night TV.

The “Late Late Show” host quickly noticed treachery was afoot after starting to read off a “Top 10 List,” a la David Letterman. The next sketch, requiring Corden to read “Mean Tweets,” was a clear rip-off of Jimmy Kimmel’s famous bit by the same name, and that was followed up by taking Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes.”

Corden continually called out Fernald for plagiarizing the bits, but the writer had an airtight excuse.

“Is it though?” he replied. (Can’t argue with that logic.)

Interestingly, the segment ends with Corden taking a bit from Ellen DeGeneres, which — in all fairness — is probably totally, completely, unequivocally unrelated to the recent rumors that he could replace the daytime talk show host.

Just one question: Is it though?

See the video below: