James Corden Reveals The New Twitter-Inspired Euphemism For White Supremacists

"I think this is great."

James Corden thinks Twitter’s revoking of verified status from users who promote hate has had an added positive consequence.

On Thursday’s “Late Late Show,” the host said that many white supremacists who’d lost their coveted blue check mark in recent days had taken to using the term “formerly verified” in their Twitter account bios.

“I think this is great, I think this is good news,” said Corden. “Because now we’ve all got a new code word for white supremacists.”

“You’ll be like, ‘Hey, I had a weird conversation with Mike from accounting the other day and I think he might be formerly verified, if you catch my drift.’”

Corden also had a message for anyone who has actually lost their verified status following the platform’s recent policy changes.

“Don’t worry, you can still be as racist as you want on Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Google Plus, Snapchat, LinkedIn and of course,,” he quipped.

Check out the full segment above.