Anti-Gay Pastor: 'Let's Just Say I Know' Starbucks Is Using Semen In Lattes

All we can say is...yikes.

The New York pastor who made headlines last year after declaring that Starbucks flavored its coffee drinks with "sodomites' semen" is doubling down on those claims.

James David Manning of ATLAH World Missionary Church appeared on a Daily Show segment this week called "Hey, Guess Who's Still Returning Our Calls?," which revisited some of the show's most notorious guests.

Manning, who once compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, was just as outrageous as ever in his latest chat with correspondent Jessica Williams. This time, he likens Obama to Satan himself, and doesn't relent when Williams brings up the infamous Starbucks claim.

“I think Starbucks has recognized that the flavor of their that they are using semen to make that latte even more flavorful,” Manning says. When Williams presses for evidence, the pastor notes, “You may not be able to find my explanation suitable to meet the empirical standards. But let’s just say I know.”

All we can say is...yikes.

Still, the remarks aren't particularly surprising given Manning's anti-gay history. Last month, he warned viewers of a "sodomite demon" on his "Manning Report" YouTube program, which apparently can be contracted by women who have engage in sex or even just kiss men who have had sex with other men.

"If a man injects himself in another man and injects his semen into him, and he's crazy, then that's gonna get in his blood as well," Manning, whose Harlem-based church has courted regular controversy for displaying billboards that declare its opposition to the LGBT community, said at the time. Describing a man's semen as the "cream of the blood" that is "even more powerful than blood," he added, "If demons are in him... you're gonna get penetrated by demons."

Chris Brown

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