James Deen Takes To Reddit To Defeat Measure B, Condoms In Porn Initiative

The "Tom Hanks" of the porn world landed on the front page of Reddit Monday with an appeal to LA voters about a controversial condom use initiative on the LA County ballot this year.

James Deen, 26, is an award-winning porn superstar with boyish good looks and a major fan base -- unusual for men in the adult film industry. GQ called the performer, who's starred in over 4,000 films, "the well-hung boy next door" for his crossover appeal among teen girls. ABC News fawns over his, "curly brown hair, soft blue eyes and fit body" and says he looks like he could be "your neighbor, you classmate or that cute guy at the bar you're hoping will catch your eye."

For the past year, he's also been an outspoken advocate against Measure B, which would mandate condom use on porn sets in LA County. In a final push before Election Day, Deen participated in an "IAmA" chat on Reddit to urge a "no" vote on Measure B.

During the marathon three-hour session, Deen answered queries from adoring fans, let viewers in on little porn productions secrets and extolled the safety measures already in place in the adult film industry.

While Deen uses condoms in his personal life, he is absolutely against a mandate to use protection during production. Deen said Measure B is "unconstitutional," claiming that even if it were to pass, it would eventually be turned over in the Supreme Court (we're not sure how he arrived to that conclusion), and touted the film industry's system of STI testing every 14-28 days.

More interestingly, Deen does think porn films should play a role in encouraging condom use, either with PSA messages before every film on DVD or embedded advertisements from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation on every internet video.

Deen didn't seem to face much of a challenge on Reddit, since the IAmA forum appeared to be flooded with his lovestruck fans. Besides advocating against Measure B, he also spent a lot of time answering their adoring questions. Here are a few of the cuddliest questions and answers.

Q: Do you ever fall in love with the pornstars you are making a film with? Is is hard to part with them after the filming is done?
A: i pretty much fall in love for 45 minutes a day every day with whoever is letting me touch their genitals

Q: How much longer do you want to continue doing porn, and when do you think you'll stop?
A: i want to go until no one wants to look at me naked

Q: I loved your food reviews on your blog and I miss them. Ever bang a chick (on set or real life) while eating a burrito?
A: actually yes. i have been known to "james deen"

Q: Would you say you're the Tom Hanks of porn?
A: i personally would not but i can't judge myself

Q: If I ever see you in public, what can I do that will guarantee that I can have a hug?
A: ask

Q: Is marriage an option for you? Also, my heart is racing right now.
A: i do want to get married one day

Q: i want to sleep with you. can i sleep with you?
A: sure but you're gonna get cuddled really hard



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