Brain Scientist James Fallon Explains What It's Like To Be A Psychopath (VIDEO)

Neuroscientist James Fallon made a surprising discovery in 2005 while sorting brain scans as part of a study. He learned that his own brain showed signs of psychopathy.

So what exactly is it like to be a psychopath? In a conversation with HuffPost Live, Fallon explained to host Ricky Camilleri what it means to be a borderline psychopath. Just check out the video clip above.

"I still play with people's minds, if you will, way too much, and I'm way too manipulative, and it's just something that comes naturally that I never thought of until it was pointed out to me after I had some genetic tests and brain scans," he said.

In an interview with The Atlantic earlier this year, Fallon recounted a story of how he brought his brother on a trip to a cave in Kenya where Fallon knew a man had contracted the Marburg virus and later died. When his brother found out that Fallon knew this before the trip, Fallon said, "deep inside, I don't think that my brother fundamentally trusts me after that."

"I would say I never tried to hurt anybody and it was all for fun, but it was pointed out to me in great detail ... that it was harmful to people," Fallon told HuffPost Live. "I never thought it was. It was just games I play."

See the full HuffPost Live conversation in the video below.



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