James Foley's Brother Says Journalists Need More Support

James Foley's Brother: Journalists Need More Support

The brother of James Foley, the American journalist who was violently killed by the Islamic State, hopes that the death of his brother will now raise awareness about the importance of journalists worldwide.

Michael Foley said Friday during an interview with Good Morning Britain that his brother, who had been missing in Syria since 2013, died doing something that deserves much greater attention.

"It's a vitally important cause that others need to get behind," he said. "I think journalists, particularly independent journalists, need more support."

He added that he and his family knew the dangers of what his brother was doing, but they could never have tried to talk him out of it. It was his "calling," he said.

"We joked about burning his passport, but he just would have had another one," he said. "I really hope that, and pray and I do believe to my core that Jim's death wasn't in vain. I think there is a lot of good that will come out of it, that we have already seen from it, in raising awareness to the atrocities that are going on in the region."

His words echoed a Facebook message posted by his mother, Diane, the day that news broke of the journalist's killing. She called him "an extraordinary son," adding "we have never been prouder." Michael said that his family is still "struggling," but is "doing our best to put one foot in front of the other and stay strong."

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