James Forte Stabs Himself After Tripping Over Cat: Pa. Police

FREEMANSBURG, Pa. (AP) — A bizarre set of circumstances sent an eastern Pennsylvania man to the hospital with a self-inflicted stab wound to the chest.

Freemansburg police say 50-year-old

was opening a bag of coffee with a knife on Thursday night when his wife asked him a question. As he turned to her, Forte said a cat ran under his feet and he fell with the knife in his hand.

The steak knife went about an inch into Forte's chest. He was treated at a hospital and police say he will be fine.

Freemansburg police Sgt. Martin Comer said he was skeptical at first but a preliminary investigation supports Forte's story. The man's wife and son corroborated the account.

Comer said he will investigate further but the stabbing does not appear suspicious.