James Franco On "30 Rock": Japanese Sex Pillows & Celeb Romances (VIDEO)


James Franco guest-starred on "30 Rock" this week, playing a slightly more perverted less charming version of himself. It was the funniest we've seen him and the show in months.

Franco entered into a deal with fame-hungry Jenna to date her publicly in order to dispel rumors that he has a Japanese sex pillow fetish. Unfortunately, Jenna ended up falling for him despite James saying such lovely things as "try to look like you just got drilled, you know the deal," when the paparazzi were around.

After Jenna dumped him to look for a man who actually loves her, James ran into Liz Lemon (aka Tina Fey) in a club, post-makeover. The two connected (well, the three really if you count James's pillow) and spent the night together. (Cat sound.)


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