James Franco Got In Bed With Keegan Allen To 'Blow Up Twitter'

James Franco knows how to take a selfie and make it blow up, and he taught "Pretty Little Liars" star Keegan Allen how to do just that.

Last month, Allen saw Franco backstage after a performance of his "Of Mice and Men." The two took a shirtless selfie while lying in a bed and Allen posted it to Instagram, writing: "Loved seeing "of mice and men. And @jamesfrancotv showed me how to do a proper bed selfie."

The 24-year-old actor, who co-stars with Franco in "Palo Alto," explained the half-naked pic to E! News.

"I went to go say hey to him in his dressing room," Allen told E! at the Race to Erase MS event. "There were a lot of people there and I asked him, 'What's the way to do the best selfie in bed?' and he showed me. And then he climbed in really quickly and he was like, ‘Let's blow up Twitter for a second.'"

"He is a trip," he added. "He's a real trip. He's great work with, an incredible director and a really fun guy to hang out with."

Franco has been known to draw quite a bit of attention on social media, from attempting to pick up a 17-year-old and sharing nude portraits of Seth Rogen to posting a shot of himself in his underwear.

He has admitted to the lure of social networks during an interview with the Daily Beast's Marlow Stern.

Is it out of loneliness, the selfies? Are you… reaching out?

I’m not lonely…I have people around me all the time. It’s just that as a performer, you get used to interactions with attention and interactions with audiences, so it feels like an audience that’s both private and large at the same time—intimate and wide-reaching—which is very seductive. And there are positive things that come out of my relationship with it, and negative things. I get pulled into these things and, if I look back on my relationship with Instagram, or Twitter, or whatever, I find that I push certain boundaries to see what kind of reaction I’ll get and then inevitably I go too far. It’s ironic to me because what takes it too far I find, in some realms, not to be racy at all.



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