Look, James Franco Made An Art

Art lovers, may we challenge you to a quiz. Which one of the following artistic pursuits has James Franco not accomplished?

a) Recreated Cindy Sherman photographs for a Pace exhibition.
b) Let Marina Abramovic paint his body gold.
c) Created a street art mural based on "This Is The End."
d) Painted Seth Rogen naked.
e) Organized a multidisciplinary art show about doodles childhood.
f) Starred in Daniel Arsham's newest art film donning a silver space suit.

Answer: Trick question! James Franco has done all of these things.

In the video above, Franco stars in Daniel Arsham's "Future Relic 02," the second of a nine-part filmic investigation into the artist's visions of the future. Apparently, this particular vision consists of James Franco as a style-savvy lab worker, examining and subsequently destroying defunct technologies like cameras and telephones. The noir-style film offers a shimmering glimpse at a possible future, one in which Franco is the last surviving member of the human race and is still making artsy shorts with the debris of our civilization. Hey, it could happen.

The entirety of Arsham's "Future Relic" series will show at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. You can see the first installment here.

Now, art lovers. What do you predict our favorite Renaissance man-child will next contribute to the artistic landscape?
a) Paint (and star in) a series of Frida Kahlo-esque self portraits.
b) Finagle Jeff Koons into giving him a back rub.
c) Compose an avant-garde opera based off "Pineapple Express."
d) Publish a book of his own "leaked" erotic portraits.

Make your best guess in the comments.



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