Did James Franco Really Tattoo A Portrait Of Emma Watson On His Neck?

Color us not surprised.

Everyone throws shade at the Kardashians for their attention-grabbing Instagram posts, but let us not forget about one of the original social media narcissists, James Franco. 

"The Interview" actor posted a photo of himself shirtless (of course) with some new ink on Wednesday. A rather large portrait of star Emma Watson covering his neck is the most notable addition. 

Franco captioned the photo, "I heart Hermione," the character Watson portrayed on screen for eight "Harry Potter" films. 

I ❤️ Hermoine. Ink by @indiangiver

A photo posted by James Franco (@jamesfrancotv) on

Although getting a neck tattoo of Hermione Granger wouldn't be the strangest thing Franco has done for "likes," it turned out to be a hoax.

Cheyenne Randall, tagged as @indiangiver in Franco's post, is a tattoo artist and Photoshop whiz. On Instagram, he is known for photoshopping fake body art onto pictures of celebrities. Check out this doctored image of Cara Delevingne. 

@caradelevingne ⚡️ @zef_alien #thesearemannips #freethenipple #indiangiver #shoppedtattoos

A photo posted by Cheyenne Randall (@indiangiver) on

We suspect that Watson will take the news rather well, considering the two starred in the star-studded comedy "This is the End" together. 

If not, Franco better watch out because we've seen the way she wields an ax


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