James Franco On Broadway: To Star In 'Sweet Bird Of Youth' With Nicole Kidman

Add Broadway Star to James Franco's resume. As if he wasn't busy enough.

The renaissance man actor/author/student/professor and Oscar host has found a bit of time to squeeze starring in a Broadway show into his schedule, attaching himself to a revival of Tennessee Williams' 'Sweet Bird of Youth.' He has an impressive co-star, too: Nicole Kidman is also committed to starring in the show.

Deadline.com broke the news of the commitments, saying that both stars are negotiating but firmly in on the Scott Rudin-produced project. It should be a major headliner, as both Franco and Kidman are nominated for Academy Awards. Franco will play Chance Wayne, a gigolo who becomes the companion of aging actress Alexandra Del Lago, to be played by Kidman.

One may wonder when Franco will get the time for rehearsing and performing in a major Broadway production. In addition to hosting the Oscars, directing two movies based on classic novels, starring in and directing a film about a serial killer, and working on at least three post-grad literary programs, Franco has announced that he'll be teaching a college course about himself.

First lesson? Time management.