James Franco Calls Out 'Shame' For Depiction Of Sex Addiction, Gays

James Franco took a moment during his contribution to VICE this week, which mainly focuses on hit film "12 Years A Slave," to slam another film, 2011's "Shame," by the same director, Steve McQueen, for its portrayal of sex addiction and representations of gay life.

"Shame" focuses on the experiences of a New York City man who has his sexual and private life disrupted when his sister comes to live with him for an indefinite period of time. However, the way the film depicts what quantifies as "sexual addiction" in the film, as well as how gay life was shown, does not sit well with Franco.

He wasn’t such an addict in my opinion, though. I mean, what did he do? Watch porn and screw a handful of people a week? I could point to quite a few folks who do that. And that scene where he’s at his lowest point and wants to fuck and goes into a gay club, and it’s depicted like the seventh level of hell... I mean, it goes back to the horrible representations of gays in the 70s, where the gay club is meant to signify everything dark and depraved. Then the guy gets a minor blowjob, from, Oh no, a man! The horror!

Franco, who is no stranger to playing gay roles, recently opened up about his attraction to portraying gay characters, telling The Daily Beast that a lot of influential figures and individuals in his life were gay.

For those readers that have previously seen "Shame," do you think Franco has a point?

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