James Franco Receives Star On Walk Of Fame, Brings His Mom And His 'Oz' Doll With Him (PHOTOS)

Renaissance man and all-around perplexing guy James Franco received the high Hollywood honor of becoming a star on the Walk of Fame yesterday.

Franco, who currently stars in the movie "Oz: The Great and Powerful" as the great wizard, but is probably also directing three other short films on the side and teaching five courses across the country, brought his adoring mother and good friend Seth Rogen with him.

james franco star

"He's really a great actor, a lot better actor than most people think," said Rogen of his "Pineapple Express" pal, "because for all the stuff he's done that is amazing the one thing most people don't realize, I've never actually smoked weed with this person."

A choked up Franco, who seemed to have his speech written in the palm of his hand, spoke about the great honor and thanked his former teachers, his mother and his friends for their support.

The multi-hyphenated 34-year-old also uploaded a few photos to his Instagram account, which show him getting ready with mom and lying down looking smitten with his own star, holding the "Oz" doll depicting his character.

james franco star

Franco will also have the honor of being the center of Marina Abramovic's upcoming work, as the performance art legend is nowadays working on a movie detailing his life.

'Oz The Great And Powerful' Photos