James Franco Blocks Tommy Wiseau From Finally Getting His Golden Globes Moment

You're tearing us apart, James!

James Franco took home the 2018 Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture/Comedy for his role in “The Disaster Artist.”

Franco, who played director, producer, actor, and writer Tommy Wiseau as mastermind of the movie “The Room,” brought Wiseau to the stage with him to accept the award. Strangely, though, Franco didn’t let the man who was the entire reason for the movie do any of the talking. 

As Wiseau reached for the microphone, Franco immediately blocked him in a  heart-wrenching awards show moment:

Here’s a closer view:


Franco opens his speech by quoting Wiseau’s reference to the Golden Globes two decades ago, and his lack of an invite to the show as a motivation to make “The Room.”

″’Golden Globes, so what? I’m not invited. I know they don’t want me, guy with accent, long hair. So, I show them. I don’t wait for Hollywood, I make my own movie,” Franco said, quoting Wiseau.

“I’m very happy to share this moment with him today,” Franco said.

Still, Franco did not let him speak.

Twitter felt for Wiseau in full force, and had a LOT to say about the mic block: 

Do you understand life, James Franco? And, just as it seemed the moment could not have gotten any more awkward, it did. Wiseau didn’t even get to follow Franco and brother Dave Franco backstage after the award was presented. 

There was also a brutal camera pan over to Greg Sestero, who plays the infamous Mark in “The Room” ― the role Dave Franco plays in “The Disaster Artist.” Sestero looked anything but pleased.

As for Wiseau, he still comes out a winner to us. Everybody betrayed you and we’re fed up with this world!



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