James Franco: 'If I Host The Worst Oscars Show Ever, Who Cares?'

James Franco knows that he was an unorthodox choice to host the Oscars -- and doesn't care much if he proves the doubters right.

Franco, who is co-hosting Hollywood's biggest night with Anne Hathaway, talked to Vanity Fair about the assignment. As he's said before, his reason for accepting the job was pretty simple: why not?

It also helps that he has absolutely no fear about the assignment. He knows he's not traditional host Billy Crystal or recent host Chris Rock, but beyond that, he doesn't much mind if he fails.

"You know what? If it's the worst Oscars show ever, who cares?" Franco mused. "It's fine, it's like one night. So, it doesn't matter. If I host the worst Oscars show in the history of the Oscars, why do I care? I'll try my best, but I don't see any shame."

Maybe he's just more about actually winning an Oscar -- he's nominated for Best Actor for his role in "127 Hours."

He also relates the Oscars to filming a movie and more. To see the whole thing, click over to Vanity Fair.