James Franco Photoshops Himself Into Paul McCarthy's Snow White Universe (PHOTO)

Are you confused by this bizarre image of James Franco posted to Instagram last night, featuring a grinning Franco head atop two nude female bodies?

Welcome to the art world. Here's a short explanation:

James Franco, the overly educated actor/best friend of Marina Abramovic, has decided to weigh in on the New York City's summer of art. Over at Vice, the forever-smirking Franco wrote a synopsis of exhibits, films and happenings in the Manhattan area, taking a particular liking to the recent Paul McCarthy exhibit, "WS," a conceptual installation that explores the naughtier side of Walt Disney.

Enter the photo above.

Franco was a part of McCarthy's other NYC show, "Rebel Dabble Babble," a film-based collaboration between the senior McCarthy and his son Damon. But, according to Franco's Instagram, it looks like the overachieving actor wanted to partake in "WS" as well. Franco created the quirky image for the Vice blog, replacing the face of McCarthy's epically strange Snow White character, originally played by Elyse Poppers, with his own grinning likeness.

James Franco Instagram mystery solved? If you're still confused, we don't blame you. Check out the "WS" exhibit here and attempt to understand the peculiarities of the art universe. Scroll through the slideshow below for a peek at the McCarthy oddities.



Paul McCarthy "WS"