James Franco's Dangeruss Video: 'Spring Breakers' Star Directed Clip For Character Inspiration

Look at his ish: James Franco directed a video for the song "Hangin With Da Dopeboys," a track performed by Florida rapper Dangeruss, Franco's inspiration for his wild character in "Spring Breakers."

"Danger and I rapped onstage together for the film. It was a rush," Franco wrote in a post for MTV.com. "We had an audience of hundreds on the beach, MTV style. It was my first live rap appearance. He led me through. I felt like a gangster. I didn't want the relationship with Dangeruss to end so I asked him if I could film him for a video."

Franco's character is the breakout star of Harmony Korine's newest film, and perhaps of the entire year. (There are already whispers of a possible Best Supporting Actor campaign for Franco.) Over at Vulture on Monday, Kyle Buchanan posted a transcription of Franco's soon-to-be legendary monologue about his "sh-t," which includes watching "Scarface" on loop, Calvin Klein colognes and shorts in "every f--kin' color."

So far, Korine's film has been a surprise hit among the art-house crowd. The film grossed $263,002 from three theaters, good for a per-screen average of $87,667.

Watch Franco's Dangeruss video above. "Spring Breakers" expands nationwide on Friday.

[via Movieline]

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