James Franco's Oscar-Banned 'Burlesque' Song

James Franco Reveals BANNED Oscars Act

Who said James Franco won't be a funny Oscars host?

Franco, who along with Anne Hathaway makes up an unconventional Academy Awards co-hosting team, has been working hard to prepare for Sunday's big show. He's already said he doesn't much care if he's the "worst Oscars host ever," and, well, he's clearly already working on his comedic approach.

But there's only so far the Academy will let him go. And singing a tone-deaf cover of Cher's song "You Haven't Seen The Last of Me," from "Burlesque" is beyond the distance they'll let him go. Franco tweeted his disappointment about it Monday night, but at least he left a recorded version of the song for us all the listen to and pine over.

Whether he was being serious or not -- probably not -- we may have found at least one art form at which Franco doesn't quite excel.


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