James Frey Explains How To Win $500,000 By Reading His Book 'Endgame: The Calling'

Reading James Frey's new novel "Endgame: The Calling" comes with a lot more than the thrill of the story: The book also contains a puzzle, and the first reader to solve it wins a literal treasure worth $500,000.

"The Calling" is the first installment in the "Endgame" trilogy, which chronicles "a global scavenger hunt for three keys," Frey told HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps on Tuesday. Within each of the three novels is a puzzle that readers can solve using the books as well as digital manifestations of the story on YouTube, social media and an interactive app. Whomever solves the puzzle in "The Calling" will find a key that opens a case of $500,000 worth of gold coins, which is currently housed at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And the ante only goes up from here. The reader who solves the puzzle in the second book will win $1 million, and the prize for the third and final installment is a cool $1.5 million.

It's a complicated idea, but one with a significant payout for the reader who gets to the bottom of it all. See James Frey explain it himself in the video above, and catch his full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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