James Harden Wouldn't Shave His Beard Off For $5 Million (VIDEO)

You Won't Believe How Much Money It Will Take For James Harden To Shave His Beard

James Harden's beard has become an important part of who he is. In fact, it's become so important to him that he wouldn't shave it off for $1 million. Or $2 million. Or $3 million. Or $4 million. Or even $5 million!

Harden did an interview with ESPN's Hannah Storm recently and she asked him how much money it would take to get him to shave off his beard. And in order to get him to do it, he would need...

Well, watch the video above. Let's just say that he would need almost twice as much as he's making this year in order to even think about taking a razor to his beard. Do you believe him?

[via ESPN]

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