James Harden Has His ‘What Are Those??’ Moment

No, they're not K-Swiss' new line.

It’s been a month of strange headlines for James Harden. While the public has already recently questioned his ability to adequately endorse products and adequately handle his alcohol, Harden left us with the biggest question yet on Thursday night.

For the love of all that is holy, WHAT ARE THOSE???

Harden’s shoes are Crest toothpaste-level white, bulky and kind of resemble a bolster pillow cushion. And while the arrival of a literal truckload of shoes at Harden’s house caused jealousy throughout the Twitterverse yesterday, the newly revealed design of the sneakers has shifted the Internet trolls’ jealousy to joy.

Joy that they do not have to put on or promote the Pillsbury doughboys that are currently encasing Harden’s feet. It's only a matter of time before he gets the same "What are those?treatment that his Airness Michael Jordan recently received. 

Maybe Adidas did this on purpose? Maybe this is payback for his implicit Nike preference a couple weeks back? We have an abundance of questions about these new sneaks, but the most burning one is still this:

Free Myesha fast

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