James Holzhauer Strikes Out On Easy Babe Ruth 'Jeopardy!' Question

A few viewers celebrated that they knew something the record-breaking champ didn't.

The mighty James Holzhauer struck out Thursday ― on a relatively easy “Jeopardy!” clue.

The reigning champ is a professional sports gambler with a love of baseball. So it came as a surprise when he stumbled on this $600 clue under the Babe Ruth-themed category, “Childish Bambino”:

Babe had this player leadership position for only 6 days before being stripped of it for going after a fan in the stands.

As seen in the clip above at the 3:31 mark, Holzhauer buzzed in first and answered, “What is manager?”


“He was captain,” host Alex Trebek corrected.

It would be Holzhauer’s only incorrect response of the night in securing his 31st straight victory, but some viewers were darn proud of themselves for getting it right.

Holzhauer’s Thursday winning total of $56,812 put him at $2,382,583 ― very close to the $2,520,700 that Ken Jennings earned during a 74-game streak in 2004.