James Kelly, Skateboarder, Wipes Out At Highway Speeds And Survives

Just about everyone who's ever grabbed a skateboard has dreamed of getting to the top of a big hill and bombing at top speeds. But not many skaters can pull off what James Kelly managed to do recently, looking good at highway speeds of 60mph on his skateboard.

Looking good, that is, until his spectacular wipeout.

The video was posted to YouTube last week, but apparently filmed in August when Kelly wrote this on his Facebook page:

Fortunately, he was wearing protective gear, but as the video shows, he still suffered some injuries.

The film was made for Arbor Skateboards to promote its James Kelly Pro model.

The clip appears to have been filmed on the highway not far from the Bodie ghost town, in the Eastern Sierra.

Check it out in the clip above. If you're the impatient type, you can skip ahead to about 2:20 to see Kelly fall, but consider viewing the whole video. It's beautifully shot and would be worth watching even if Kelly didn't eat pavement.

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