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James Lipton On Filming 'Arrested Development' Season 4: 'It Was Heaven' (VIDEO)

"Inside The Actor's Studio" host James Lipton will be reprising his role as Warden Stefan Gentles in the highly-anticipated Netflix season of "Arrested Development." Friday on HuffPost Live, he heaped praise on the beloved comedy and said the reunion was a joyous experience.

"It is as brilliant and funny ... as ever. They're an extraordinary bunch. And we had a wonderful time reuniting. There we were in the makeup room and suddenly, we were alive again. It was heaven. It's a great show," Lipton beamed.

Lipton also described the extreme lengths that "Arrested" producers went to ensure none of the script for the new season would leak. "When they sent me the script, they wouldn't email it to me. They got it somehow to New York from Los Angeles, and then it was delivered to me by hand," he revealed.

Lipton joins an impressive roster of guest stars that will appear on the fourth season of "Arrested Development." Kristen Wiig, who signed on to play a young Lucille Bluth, was the most recent addition to the cast.

"Arrested Development" Season 4 premieres in May on Netflix.

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