James Moss, Guilty Of Putting 9-Year-Old Son In Oven, To Be Sentenced Friday

Prosecutors will ask for the maximum sentence allowed by law in the case against James Moss, the 53 year-old Staten Island man who has admitted he brutally abused his 9 year-old son, burning the child's hands and throwing him into an oven, The Associated Press reports.

The 2010 incident occurred when Moss accused his son, Christopher, of snatching $20 from his wallet.

The 6-foot-2, 270-pound dad threatened to kill the boy on May 12, 2010, at their Graniteville, S.I., home, authorities said. Moss took Christopher to the basement and ripped off his clothes. Then he pulled the boy into the kitchen and used a spatula to beat him across his back.

The demon dad heated up two burners on the stove and held the defenseless boy's hands on them until his skin began to peel. Prosecutors said Moss punched his son in the face and then forced him into the oven.

"I'm going to burn you alive!" Moss screamed while his child begged to be freed.

He eventually let Christopher out of the oven, only to then toss him naked outside the front door.

Christopher, who was taken to the hospital by his mother and treated for second and third-degree burns, is expected to speak on his father's behalf during sentencing this Friday. Moss faces up to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to all seven counts of the indictment against him, including two counts of second-degree assault.

"In over 15 years as a district attorney and an assistant district attorney, this was one of the most shocking and sadistic cases of child abuse I have ever prosecuted," said District Attorney Daniel Donovan, the Staten Island Advocate reports.