James Murdoch Quits The Boards Of The Sun And The Times

James Murdoch has resigned from the boards of the two News Corp.-owned subsidiaries that publish the company's British papers.

According to The Evening Standard, Murdoch stepped down from his post as one of the directors of News Group Newspapers, which runs The Sun, as well as Times Newspapers Limited, which publishes the Times and the Sunday Times.

Though News of the World was shut down in July amidst scandal, NGN has been listed as the defendant in the mounting lawsuits filed against the tabloid for its alleged phone hacking.

The Telegraph highlighted that Murdoch's resignations meant that the "Murdoch family no longer has any member on the immediate parent companies of News International's flagship newspapers." The move also stirred ever-present suspicions that the Murdochs could sell off their British papers sometime down the road.

Murdoch has maintained his position as Chairman of News International (NI), the parent company of all three aforementioned subsidiaries.

Murdoch testified in front of Parliament in early November for the second time this year amidst heavy speculation about the extent of his knowledge of phone hacking.

In the committee's report scheduled to be released in early 2012, MPs are likely to deem Murdoch an"incompetent" leader.

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