James Mylne's Ballpoint Pen Drawings Show Vintage Glamour Icons With Insane Detail (PHOTO, VIDEO)

While most of us our ditching our ballpoint pens in favor of a keyboard (or at least a felt tip, come on), artist James Mylne is testing the limits of the office supply as an artistic medium. The ballsy ballpoint fanatic has mastered the craft of the penned portrait, creating stunning likenesses of stars like Kate Moss and Audrey Hepburn, completely from Bic ballpoint pens.

Mylne spends up to 100 hours on a single portrait, using incredibly thin strokes to outline and shade his subjects until they gain a lifelike presence. Even one little mistake and Mylne has to start over. (May we humbly suggest erasable pens?)

We are glad Mylne is willing to devote so many hours to the noble pursuit of pen portraiture, because we know of few others who would be up for the task.

Mylne's exhibition "Vintage Vogue" is now on view at Rook & Raven in London. Watch Mylne's glamorous visions come to life in the video below:

James Mylne