James O'Keefe On 'Hannity': 'This Is A Huge Misunderstanding' (VIDEO)

On Monday night, the conservative activist facing facing felony charges James O'Keefe went on Hannity to give his first interview since getting arrested in the New Orleans office of Senator Mary Landrieu (D-La.). O'Keefe declined to go into details of the arrest, but stressed his innocence of any wrongdoing and labeled the entire affair a "huge misunderstanding." In a statement last week, O'Keefe made similar claims, calling the allegations that he and a team of accomplices were seeking to tamper with the phone system in Landrieu's office "inaccurate and false."

As to whether he had dressed up as a telephone repair man to get into Landrieu's office, O'Keefe was nonchalant. "Yeah, I mean, as far as that's concerned... Investigative journalists have been using a lot of these tactics for years," he told Hannity.

"Like in Catch A Predator?" Hannity chimed in.

O'Keefe did admit to "posing as something that he (was) not", in order to, "get to the truth," an activity, according to this interview, that O'Keefe does not plan on stopping any time soon. "I am not taking a break," O'Keefe said. "Right now we're hitting the ground running on new projects. We're not stopping. Our goal is to expose truth, to expose corruption until its gone."