James O'Keefe: What Did Glenn Beck Know, and When Did He Know It?

I can offer some reasonable speculation about where this O'Keefe business is going.

There are the perpetrators, the four young men who attempted to get access to the telephone system of Mary Landrieu, the Democratic senator from Louisiana. Then there is whomever else can be connected to them, by cell phone records, text messages, or email.

These are the little fish. Somewhere, at some remove, with some level of foreknowledge--with enough deniability or not--are the big fish.

The Times' front page piece yesterday, with the thumbnails of the four perps, says little--save that O'Keefe and company were right-wing hot dogs--but is full of anticipation. The Times knows well enough that a break-in, one full of theatrical verve, is unlikely to have happened in a vacuum. Indeed, the subtext of the Times piece is all about James O'Keefe's impressive conservative network.

It's a network full of high-profile mentors. After O'Keefe's audacious bit of political theater exposing the haplessness or recklessness of some functionaries at the liberal group, Acorn--a popular bête noire among conservatives--he was immediately and enthusiastically taken up by the right-wing media.

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